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The original Rosary of st Dominic (text only)


261. The Rosary of St Dominic.

261 Sixtus IV, Bl. May 12, 1479; Benedict XIII, April 13, August 13, 1726, May 26, 1727; Pius IX, May 12, 1851, January 22, 1858; Pius X, July 31, 1906; June 12, 1907.

This Devotion, called also the Psalter of Mary, consists of the continuous recitation of the Ave Maria, said 150 times (as many times as there are Psalms), divided into fifteen decades, each beginning with a Pater noster, while at the same time the principal mysteries of the life, death and resurrection of our LORD are meditated on.

To gain the following indulgences beads must be used, though in the case of several persons saying the Rosary together it is sufficient if the person leading the Devotion uses them. They must, except in the case of i, have been blessed by a Dominican Father or other priest duly authorized.

Persons incapable of meditating may gain the indulgences by merely saying the Rosary devoutly. Such persons should however endeavour, in some measure, to acquire the power of meditating.

i. Five Years and five Quarantines, for a third part, five decades, of the Rosary (blessed beads not necessary). T.Q.

ii. 100 Days, to all who say the fifteen, or at least five decades for every Pater and Ave.

iii. Plenary, to all who say five decades every day for a year, on any one day in the year, I, II, IV.

iv. Ten Years and ten Quarantines, once a day, to all who say five decades in company with others, either in public or in private.

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v. Plenary, on the last Sunday of every month, to all who are in the habit of saying with others, at least three times a week, five decades, I, II, III, IV.

vi. 100 Years and 100 Quarantines, once a day, to all associates of the confraternity who devoutly carry a rosary about with them.

vii. Plenary, to all associates who say the Fifteen Mysteries in the course of the natural day, for the triumph of the Church. I, II, III.

N.B. The indulgences attached to beads blessed by the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross (see No. 193) can be gained simultaneously with the Dominican indulgences, i.e., while reciting the Rosary, provided the beads are blessed with the two blessings. (Pius X, June 12, 1907.)

Note. Indulgences vi and vii, with many others not recorded in the Raccolta, can be gained only by members of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. To enjoy the privileges of this confraternity it is only requisite that a persons name be entered on the Dominican Register, and that the beads should be blessed as above.


The Joyful Mysteries.

IN the First Joyful Mystery we meditate on the Annunciation made by the angel Gabriel to most holy Mary, that she was to conceive and bear a Son, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

PATER once, Ave ten times (a Gloria is usually added; so also in all the Mysteries).

In the Second Joyful Mystery we meditate how, when Mary heard that Elizabeth had conceived, she went to her house to visit her, and stayed with her three months.

In the Third Joyful Mystery we meditate how, when the full time of Mary’s delivery was come, she brought forth our SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST at midnight, in the city of Bethlehem, and laid Him in a manger between two brute beasts.

In the Fourth Joyful Mystery we meditate how most holy Mary, on the day of her Purification, presented CHRIST our LORD in the Temple, and placed Him in the hands of the holy old man Simeon.

In the Fifth Joyful Mystery we meditate how the Virgin Mary lost her Son, when twelve years old, sought for Him three days, and at the end of the third day found Him in the Temple amid the doctors, hearing them and asking them questions.


The Sorrowful Mysteries.

IN the First Sorrowful Mystery we meditate how our LORD JESUS CHRIST prayed in the garden of Olives, and sweated blood.

In the Second Sorrowful Mystery we meditate how our LORD JESUS CHRIST was cruelly scourged in Pilate’s house with innumerable blows.

In the Third Sorrowful Mystery we meditate how our LORD JESUS CHRIST was crowned with sharp thorns.

In the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery we meditate how JESUS was condemned to die, and, for his greater ignominy and pain, the heavy tree of the Cross was laid upon his shoulder.

In the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery we meditate how, when JESUS arrived at Calvary, He was stripped and nailed with iron nails to the Cross, and died thereon, before the eyes of his afflicted Mother.


The Glorious Mysteries.

IN the First Glorious Mystery we meditate how JESUS CHRIST our LORD rose again in glory, the third day after his Death and Passion, triumphant over death, never more to die.

In the Second Glorious Mystery we meditate how JESUS CHRIST, the fortieth day after his Resurrection, ascended into Heaven with great joy and triumph, in the presence of his most holy Mother and his disciples.

In the Third Glorious Mystery we meditate how JESUS CHRIST sat down on the right hand of the FATHER, and sent from thence the HOLY GHOST into the room where the Apostles and the most holy Virgin were assembled.

In the Fourth Glorious Mystery we meditate how, twelve years after our LORD JESUS CHRIST rose from the dead, his Mother herself passed from this mortal life, and was carried into heaven by the angels.

In the Fifth Glorious Mystery we meditate how, in Heaven, Mary was crowned by her Son; in this Mystery also we meditate upon the glory of the saints.

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